'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the Dumpster Sex'

By May Chan,
Will the 'murder car' come after Caroline?

As Caroline stands outside the cupcake shop, she points out, “Max, that car has been parked outside for a week now.” She continues, “Do you think they're selling drugs? Let me rephrase that. Are they selling drugs to you?”

“No. They're not buying either,” Max says in her deadpanned demeanor.

A couple walks by the waitresses and the car playing rap music, but the pair immediately turn back. Even though Caroline quickly tries to dissociate the cupcake shop from the car, it's too late. The "rap car" has cost Caroline and Max three customers.

When Caroline brings a cupcake to those inhabiting the car, Max warns her friend about getting shot. While Caroline walks back to Max and brags to her about “handling it,” the individual sitting in the passenger seat throws the cupcake at Caroline's back.

Caroline wonders if she has been shot.

Back at the diner, Caroline is proud that she has gotten rid of the car for the sake of the neighborhood, but Max tells her that she just had the car towed.

Earl refers to the car as the murder car, which turns Caroline's pride into fear, but then Han tells Caroline that a man came looking for her and Han just gave him Caroline's number without so much as a concern.

“You gave a stranger my number?” Caroline exclaims in horror.

Thinking the man was Caroline's friend, Han adds that he gave the man her email and her address in addition to her number because he knows that Caroline is a busy girl and he didn't know how else this friend could reach her.

In the middle of Caroline's tantrum, Deke walks in looking for Max. Caroline teases Max about Deke being her boyfriend, but Max dismisses it as just making out.

However, Deke asks Max out on a date in person because he's “old-fashioned” or he lost his phone. This puts a smile on Max's face.

Before Deke leaves, he and Max have a cutesy banter with some interruption from the diner employees aww-ing at the scene.

At Caroline and Max's apartment, Caroline tries to plead with Max to stay in case the man in the “rap car” would come looking for her, but Max shrugs it off and answers the door despite Caroline's worry over who might be at the door.

Turns out it's Sophie! Caroline and Max's neighbor brings some bad news: Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett have passed away. (Not really bad news considering Sophie just returned from the dentist office with an old magazine issue.)

Caroline, glad that Sophie has arrived, wants Sophie to stay even though Sophie doesn't really want to spend the time with her. Not giving Caroline a chance, Sophie wants to bolt.

After Sophie leaves Caroline, the perky blonde whisks Max's cat Nancy away. But with one sound of a honk, Caroline jumps from fright. She tries to reassure herself that it's nothing, yet even Nancy can't help Caroline.

“No offense, Nancy, but we really need a dog in this situation,” Caroline tells the cat. So, will Caroline survive this gangbuster of a debacle? Will Max save her bestie at the end?

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