'2 Broke Girls' Recap: 'And the Icing on the Cake'

By May Chan,
Max's relationship takes a new turn with Deke

After Deke waves to Caroline from the cupcake shop window, Caroline lets Max know that her boyfriend is outside waiting for her in the dumpster he calls home.

Max wants to cut work short to stay with Deke overnight. Caroline seems appalled at the thought of Max spending the night at a dumpster and even jokes not to bring SARS back again. However, Max corrects Caroline that she was the one who brought SARS over in the first place.

At the diner, Han wonders about Max's whereabouts even though Caroline tries to reassure her that Max is just in that new phase of her relationship.

When Sophie pops in the diner, she announces, “I just heard two hobos getting freaky in the garbage.”

Nevertheless, Caroline assures Sophie that it's just Deke and Max. Sophie thinks it's just the two of them keeping the spice alive in their relationship and decides to overshare on her sexual ventures.

Han interrupts to say that he's putting a stop to Max's sex in the dumpster by marching towards the dumpster to rap on the entrance. Caroline, Sophie, Earl, and Oleg gather at the cupcake shop window just to poke their heads out to listen in and capture Han telling Max off.

Let's just say Han lost this battle when Max tells her boss to not interrupt her while she's working on her pastry school agenda. Deke adds to not interrupt her while she's having sex either.

During a pastry school competition, Max and Deke win to the point that they scream, “I love you” to each other.

Over at Caroline and Max's apartment, Max runs into Caroline's room to tell her the good news: Max has been the one Caroline has been chatting with on OkCupid, and Max finally uttered those three words to Deke.

Surprised at Caroline's lack of enthusiasm, Max had hoped for pouring of margarita and gossip, but Caroline asks if it bothers Max that Deke needs to move the dumpster on certain days.

Max in fact likes to travel in a dumpster.

When Sophie interrupts the girls, comes in in her sleepwear. Sophie relates to Max's love for a dumpster man when Sophie was once engaged with a sewer man, who she thought knew a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Caroline asks Sophie how she knew she wanted to be with this sewer man to which Sophie simply tells her that she wanted to always be with him especially since he got her hooked on heroin.

To include Max's friends in the mix, Deke invites her and the rest of the diner crew to the dumpster. And although Sophie and Earl drop by, they quickly leave after taking a look of the place. The rest of the gang chitchat, while Han points out that he's the only one of them who can stand inside the dumpster much to everyone's amusement.

As the gathering goes on, Chef Nicholas and Bebe arrive. Bebe randomly declares that she is leaving to Canada, which surprises the guests.

Caroline looks uncomfortable with Nicholas's arrival and tries to hightail it out of there without anyone noticing. Of course, Caroline's departure causes Nicholas to follow. The chef attempts to talk it out with Caroline only to lead to her leaving with a diaper stuck to her back. Don't ask.

At pastry school, Bebe barges inside the office one more time conveniently as Caroline looks for the student records. When Caroline notices Deke's records, Max's new beau has a last name that rings a bell for Caroline. Bebe confirms Deke's true identity, which makes for a happy Caroline.

Although Caroline thinks Max would be happy with the news, she finds that her bestie isn't too thrilled that Deke withheld his real last name and his status from her. Just when Max and Deke took a step forward, will this set them two steps back?

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