2014: The Year Of Louis C.K.

By David Allen,
The 46-year-old veteran comic looks to continue his stretch of comedic dominance

Louis C.K. is arguably the hottest (success-wise, not looks-wise) comedian on the planet and has been for the last five years or so. Not only has he created a hit TV show on FX, Louie but he has also made six separate comedy specials since 2007, each one being more successful than the last.

His fourth HBO comedy special, Oh My God which premiered on HBO last year currently has an incredible score of 90 on metacritic. C.K. won the 2013 Emmy for "Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special" due to this show and that was the second consecutive time he won that award.

From the Webby Awards to the individual achievement awards, this puny description above is not even close to the end of the list of what C.K. has accomplished in the last five years

But, this year may be even bigger for C.K.

Next month, C.K. will make the first movie he ever directed, Tomorrow Night, available publicly on his site for five dollars.

And for the indie-weary folk, don't be worried about a low quality atmosphere with actors like Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Conan O'Brien, Wanda Sykes and JB Smoove boasting the script. That's right, Carell, Poehler, and O'Brien (arguably three of the most known faces in modern comedy) star in this movie.

After showcasing the movie at the 1998 Sundance Festival, no distributor decided to pick it up and now, 15 years later, C.K. has decided to let that movie go public.

Also, the show Louie, known for its incredible honesty and its brutal, pitch-black comedy, dim-light-at-the-end-the-tunnel morality, returns May 2014.

Louie has been a commercial and critical success, literally gaining a page-long list of nominations and awards for the show, which he writes, produces, acts, directs, and edits (for the first two seasons he edited it alone on his laptop).

The most recent season of Louie, garnered an incredible score of 94 on metacritic, based on 16 separate reviews. One review from Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reads, "The series remains smart and thought-provoking but it's also quite funny."

On top of all of this, C.K. is also the star of a surprisingly-hilarious fake fragrance advertisement for "CK One," a new fragrance for Calvin Klein (notice the same initials).

With all this acclaim and hype, it stands to reason that 2014 may be even more incredible for the comedy star.

image: FX



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