‘300: Rise of the Empire’ trailer released

By Andrew Wilson,

The testosterone filled 300: Rise of an Empire trailer is filled with blood, violence, a hot, villainous woman and Black Sabbath playing in the background. There’s not much else a guy could ask for.

The beginning leaves off where the first 300 ended, with the 300 Spartans having sacrificed themselves and now Lena Headey’s Queen Gorgo seeks vengeance for her husband. The Greek general Themistocles battles an invading army of Persians under the mortal-turned-god, Xerxes. The main battle throughout now takes place on the high seas, where Themistocles now has to make an alliance with a usual Athens rival. The trailer is well choreographed with Black Sabbath's song "War Pigs," giving the early B.C. story line that modern kick which the younger viewers will appreciate that much more.

The Los Angeles Times noted director Noam Murro stated at Comic-Con, “If you took 300 and you zoomed out, that’s what this movie is all about. It takes place at about the same time as 300. It’s just bigger and it gives a whole bigger scale and scope as to what happened historically.”

One of the most unusual topics regarding the original was much, if not almost all of the film was shot using green screen techniques. So are people still going to see it based on the hype? Ropes of Silicon thinks so, especially because this trailer almost gives the now more commonplace effect a new feel, with the super slow-motion blood splattering, and use of visuals to make the story that much more intriguing.

300: Rise of an Empire hits theaters March 7.

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