34 Couples to marry during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Grammy performance

By Lola Odejobi,

There will be an on-air wedding for 34 couples during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Grammy performance of "Same Love." There will be a various mix of couples which will consist of gay, straight, and interracial couples.

According to Buzzfeed, actress/rapper Queen Latifah will officiate the ceremony and Madonna will perform with the duo.

The song "Same Love" has become the marriage-equality anthem of the past year, even though the topic of same sex marriages have become a hot topic discussion that has been debated over and over.

Ryan Lewis, the group's producer, told the The New York Times that the weddings "will be in our minds, the ultimate statement of equality, that all couples are entitled to the same exact thing."

This is not the first time the Grammys have done something like this. Back in 2001, Elton John, who is a gay man, performed a duet with rapper Eminem. The performance was controversial due to Eminem being painted as homophobic, due to his rap lyrics.

Neil Portnow, the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences says, "I expect that people with all kinds of opinions might voice them. We don't need to stoop to the level of trying to find gimmicks and sensationalistic approaches to what we do."



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