'47 Ronin' movie review, starring Keanu Reeves

By Drew Barile,

47 Ronin is an action film starring Keanu Reeves and Hiroyuki Sanada. The movie is actually a western adaptation of ancient Japanese event. In fact, in Japan each year on December 14, Sengakuji Temple holds a festival commemorating the Ronin.

The movie follows the plight of 47 Ronin who seek justice against a rival feudal lord who plotted their lord's demise. The samurai after losing their master are banished as Ronin by the Shogun. Honoring the way of Bushido the Ronin decide to avenge their master.

Ôishi (Sanada), the head of the Ronin decides after a year of captivity by the evil feudal lord Kira to avenge his master. He goes throughout the country side finding his fellow Ronin and recruiting them. However, knowing Lord Kira has a witch in his services decides to recruit Kai (Reeves) who is a half-breed raised for his early life by Tengu (demons) before being adopted by Lord Asano, their master.

The film overall is a huge success, as it has striking supernatural visuals and a strong core structure that propels the film along nicely. Reeves and Sanada have great onscreen chemistry. The viewer truly understands their relationship, even when it is only expressed with facial gestures.

The film is 119 minutes and never feels bogged down ever with the superfluous. In fact, the film has a nice balance of action, drama and even romance. It is well-rounded and very different than most films out. The film is a nice change of pace from all the redundant movies currently flooding the box offices. The quixotic bushido culture and feudal setting in the film even becomes alluring and transports the viewers to another world entirely.

IMDB rated the film 6.7 out of 10. I personally disagree and feel the film is much better than that, and encourage everyone to see it.

image: Universal/image.net


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