5 Things You Need to Make a Good Acceptance Speech

By Lauren Wheeler,
And the winner is...

It is award show season and that means a lot of acceptance speeches. A lot. There will be speeches for singing, dancing, acting. The Super Bowl is coming up. I'm sure there will be acceptance speeches for that. Everyone is grateful and everyone else is a loser.

As someone who has watched a fair share of award shows, I understand that giving the perfect acceptance speech is an art. There is a system.

Sure, you can have a normal speech where you thank people and leave the stage. But those speeches aren't the ones that make the highlight reel.

I have five things you need to make a great speech. I'm not talking cheap theatrics like crying or tripping up the stage. These are five things that are in almost every acceptance speech.

Acceptance speeches, in theory, should be easy. The point of the speech is in the title. But, they aren't. Here are five things you need when making an awesome acceptance speech.



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