9,000 students left stranded after a snowstorm hits the Deep South

By Rebecca Walezak,

A snowstorm left over 9,000 students across the Deep South stranded in school gyms and buses on late Tuesday.

The unfamiliar weather left many stranded, as most were not use to the unexpected temperatures. The storm, which only left a few inches of snow on the ground, was enough to stop most people from getting home that night.

Some schools, according to ABC News, admitted to having buses still stuck on the streets until early Wednesday morning, leaving students stranded over night. At this time, officials have stated that all students have been taken off of these buses.

Initial trouble started when below-freezing temperatures hit areas like Alabama and Georgia, causing ice to form on the roads. While those living in the North are all too familiar with slick streets, many Southerners were left confused as to how they should respond, clogging up most of the roads with cars.

According to Bustle, the storm caused about 940 accidents just in Atlanta, 100 of which caused injuries. At least five were killed due to these accidents.

Many chose to leave their cars and walk home, while others stayed put for the night. The ice remains on the roads, but traffic is reportedly moving along on Southern highways again.



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