911 dispatcher keeps job after hanging up on caller

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Las Vegas 911 dispatcher, who hung up on an emergency caller, is still on the job.

As first reported by 8 News NOW, a man dialed 911 to report that he had found his mother dead when he returned home from work and the fire dispatcher hung up on him.

The news station looked into what happened during the call and then brought it to the attention of Las Vegas Fire and Rescue officials who conducted an internal investigation.

The man frantically called 911 and told the Metro Police operator that he had just gotten home and believed his mother was dead. The operator began to ask him a few procedure questions, but the man was too upset to give straight answers at the time. The Metro Police operator connected with a fire dispatcher who then took over the questioning.

The caller was reportedly still having a hard time with the answers and started to yell to which the dispatcher replied, “OK, you don’t have to holler at me, I didn’t do it.”

The man then cursed at the female dispatcher and that is when she hung up on him.

Even though hanging up on someone is against protocol, FOX News has reported that the fire dispatcher will in fact keep her job after the incident.

The fire chief said corrective action was taken as a result of the investigation and the employee may get some retraining.



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