Abandoned cruise ship heading toward land after a year

By Morgan Cox,

An abandoned Russian cruise ship is assumed to be cruising along the North Atlantic ocean towards Ireland or the United Kingdom.

The Russian cruise ship, named Lyubov Orlova, was built back in 1976 and according to Business Insider, it was seized by Canadian authorities after the owner did not pay a debt totaling to $250,000.

The cruise ship has been tied down in St. John's, Newfoundland for years. The ship was supposedly being transported from Canada to the Dominican Republic before breaking loose. The explanation of the ship suddenly setting sail is thought to be from a cable snapping.

Quartz stated that abandoned cruise ships aren't as uncommon as one may think. It is reported that there have been seven ships found afloat in the last fifteen years.

The Russian ship is suspected to be filled with diseased rats and has been "cruising" for a year now after escaping dock last January.

The current location of the cruise ship is unknown.



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