Academy figures out who produced Best Picture nominee ‘Wolf Of Wall Street,’ Jonah Hill reveals paycheck

By Daniel S Levine,

When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced the Best Picture nominees last week, the producers - who all receive a statue if their film wins - were all listed for each film. However, it took the organization a few extra days to determine who exactly the producers for The Wolf of Wall Street are.

The Academy said today that it has determined that director Martin Scorsese, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Joey McFarland and Emma Tillinger Koskoff are the official producers for the film. That means that if it wins Best Picture, all four would receive individual Oscars.

While an announcement like this isn’t usually major news, The Hollywood Reporter notes that the Academy didn’t follow the credits the Producers Guild of America used. The PGA did not list DiCaprio or Scorsese when it nominated the film for its award. Instead, they listed Koskoff, McFarland and Riza Aziz, the co-founder of Red Granite.

Red Granite fully financed the film, which was distributed in the U.S. by Paramount. The film was nominated for five Oscars, including Best Actor (DiCaprio), Best Director (Scorsese), Best Supporting Actor (Jonah Hill) and Best Adapted Screenplay (Terence Winter).

Speaking of Jonah Hill, the actor revealed exactly how much he was paid to star in the film. He was so eager to work with Scorsese that he agreed to work for just $60,000, he told Howard Stern, reports E! News.

The Oscars are on March 2.

image: Paramount



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