Alleged mobster arrested for 1978 Lufthansa heist that inspired 'Goodfellas'

By Kyle Johnson,

An alleged mobster believed to have been involved in the unsolved 1978 Lufthansa heist that inspired Goodfellas was arrested on Thursday.

In total, five alleged mobsters were arrested, but only 78-year-old Vincent Asaro is believed to have been involved in the John F. Kennedy airport heist, reports the Los Angeles Times.

He is being charged with racketeering related to the airport heist and also has been stuck with the murder charge for Paul Katz. The murder happened in 1969, but remains were only located last year.

The thieves involved in the Lufthansa terminal heist were able to steal $6 million in cash and jewels, which made huge headlines because of the amount taken.

James Burke, who is believed to have been the brains behind the heist, died nine years ago, according to Reuters. He was in prison on an unrelated murder charge. He was the inspiration for Robert DeNiro's character in Goodfellas.

Asaro's son, Jerome, is one of the arrested men and he is on the hook for charges stemming from stealing $1.25 million in gold salts. The remaining alleged mobsters, Jack Bonventre, John Ragano and Thomas Di Fiore, have been charged with racketeering and extortion. Their arrests don't tie in with the Lufthansa heist.

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