Amanda Bynes on track to recovery

By Amanda Levine,

Many people were surprised last year when former child star Amanda Bynes had a mental break that lead to her odd Twitter messages and even lighting a gas can on fire on someone’s driveway in California. She was quickly sent to rehab after the incident.

Bynes was recently released from rehab, after months of recovery, and has been reported to being on the right path towards bettering her life. E! News reported that Bynes is usually dropped off by her parents at a gym in Los Angeles and has been keeping up with her workout routine and eating healthier. Before going off to rehab to better herself, Bynes claimed that she had wanted to lose some weight and get on track to a better eating schedule.

E! News also reported that Bynes had enrolled part time in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM). Late last year, it was revealed that Bynes’ doctor had warned against her attending school until she was fully recovered.

Although Bynes seems to be on the right track to wellness, the same day reporters saw Bynes leave the gym, Perez Hilton blogged that Bynes was spotted buying rolling papers from a gas station, typically used for smoking tobacco and marijuana.

Whether or not Bynes was purchasing rolling papers, she certainly seems to be on the right track to becoming better by eating healthy and removing some of her tattoos. The charges for throwing a bong out of a window have been dropped, which will certainly help her recovery as well.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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