Amanda Knox awaits third verdict in 2007 murder retrial, confides in Ryan Ferguson

By Gina DiFalco,

Amanda Knox will get a third verdict this week in the murder trial of her former roommate Merdith Kercher, who was murdered in 2007. She was first found guilty, then she was found innocent on an appeal in 2011, which led her to be released from an Italian jail she spent four years in. However, a retrial started in September.

Knox, now 26, has been in Seattle as she awaits the verdict. Her lawyer, Theodore Simon, said waiting to hear the verdict of the retrial is “disconcerting.”

"We wait for the verdict, and remain hopeful," he said in a phone interview, USA Today reports. "But history being our guide, we know Amanda can be convicted and it is very disconcerting to her and her family. The logical position is that there is no evidence."

Meanwhile, Knox has confided in Ryan Ferguson, 29, who spent a decade behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. He was released from prison last year on an appeal.

Ferguson told ABC News that he spoke with Knox this week about the upcoming verdict. He said she’s “doing incredibly well considering the circumstances."

He added, “The Italian courts continue to play games with her life which is sadly no different than what happens here on a daily basis. Having said that, she is very positive and we all believe that justice will prevail and the facts that have proven her innocence will set her free.”

image: Wikimedia Commons



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