Amazon in talks to raise Prime membership price

By Francisco Flores,
Prime Members may be paying up to $119 for the annual service

The popular online shopping site Amazon is one of the biggest sellers of goods in the country. The accessibility available through the site makes shopping a stress-free experience while also letting people shop in the privacy and comfort of their home. The Amazon app also lets users shop while on the go.

According to USA Today, Amazon is in talks to raise their Prime membership fee up an additional $40. With that increase, prices for the membership could hit $119 a year. The potential increase is the company's way to battle high fuel costs involved in shipping everyone's items.

Amazon’s Prime membership gives shoppers even more of an incentive to shop on the online retailer. The free two-day shipping offered with the program on many goods on the website gives people a hassle-free experience while also wasting little time on waiting for items to arrive. Amazon Prime also offers it’s members unlimited instant streaming of their Prime Instant Video services.

The online retailer got hit with complaints ahead of the 2013 holiday season for increasing their minimum order price for free shipping an extra $10 for non-Prime users, according to CNET. Shoppers must now order $35 dollars worth of goods in order to receive free shipping if they are not subscribed with the Prime membership.

How do you feel about the potential price increase to the popular Amazon Prime membership?

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