American Bible Society ranks cities according to 'Bible-Mindedness'

By Jessica Starks,

In a recent survey, the American Bible Society ranked the least and most “Bible-minded” U.S. cities.

According to TIME,“Bible-mindedness” was determined by studying how often subjects from various areas read their Bibles and their attitudes towards the Bible.

The American Bible Society did not do this survey just for entertainment; the data is taken to help the group with their missionary efforts. Geoffrey Morin, American Bible Society's Chief Communication Officer, put it this way: "An analysis of interaction with and views of the Bible continues to help us evaluate the Bible landscape in America. To help people engage with the [Bible], we need to understand where people are starting from."

Overall, the survey showed that southern states are still more Biblically-conscious than northern states; more specifically, the East Coast. In addition, researchers discovered that population size coincides with “Bible friendliness.” The results of the study revealed that Chattanooga, Tenn. came out on top while Providence, R.I. finished last.

In one last statement, Morin said, "We want people to know that whether you live in the least or most Bible-minded cities, the Bible can speak to your needs, challenges and concerns and help you make sense of your life."

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons



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