American held in the United Arab Emirates for posting a controversial video will be released

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Shezanne Cassim, an American who was being held in the United Arab Emirates after posting a controversial video that parodied Dubai teens, will be released this week.

Cassim, 29, was arrested in April, six months after he uploaded a spoof documentary to the Internet. According to the Associated Press, the video is about “gangsta” youth in the Gulf Arab city-state.

UAE officials saw the video and arrested Cassim. According to CNN, Cassim’s brother said, "He tries to put on a brave face. He said that he was doing fine, not to worry about him, but I could just sense that he's a little depressed -- my impression is that he's going just a little bit crazy in his cell.”

In December, Cassim was sentenced to one year in prison, a fine and deportation. Cassim will be flying home on Thursday. Cassim, who is originally from Woodbury, Minnesota, moved to Dubai in 2006 after college to work for PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Image:Wikimedia Commons.



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