'American Horror Story: Coven' bewitches in mid-season premiere

By Amanda Levine,

Voodoo and nasty witches reined supreme as the popular FX show, American Horror Story: Coven returned Wednesday night for its mid-season premiere. After waiting weeks, fans weren’t disappointed as the episode offered nothing short of shocking and outrageous moments.

Recapping back to the last episode in December before hiatus, reigning supreme Fiona Goode (played by Jessica Lange) quickly loses her powers because one of the younger girls in the coven begins to show signs of possessing powers of the supreme.

Goode’s resistance to getting weak and losing her title of supreme causes her to go on quite the murder streak as she will literally kill anyone who stands in her way, even if they are in her own coven.

In the meantime, over the top character, Delphine LaLaurie (played by Kathy Bates) finds herself with only her head and no body trapped in the voodoo queen’s home. Young witch Queenie attempts to give her a history lesson by showing her countless films and clips regarding racial segregation and inequality in order to break her of her racist persona.

At the end, audiences were left with the bloody and violent images of voodoo queen Marie Laveau’s (played by Angela Bassett) whole tribe getting annihilated by witch hunter, Hank Foxx.

Coming into the new episode, viewers anticipated the hinted-at budding alliance between voodoo queen Laveau and coven supreme, Goode. The two leaders who used to be mortal enemies now bond over the same threat of witch hunters who have been around since the colonial period.

A terrifying new character, Papa Legba, who is a red-eyed, soul snatching voodoo spirit is introduced as Laveau tells Goode how she obtained her gift of immortality. Goode, who is continuously losing her health and her powers every day decides to call in Legba’s spirit to make a deal with him; her soul in exchange for everlasting life. However, Legba ends up not being able to complete the deal because it is revealed Goode does not possess a soul.

As for the other women of the coven, all of the young witches are arguing amongst themselves who the next supreme will be. Snobby Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) believes she is the next supreme as well as the most fabulous person who has ever walked this Earth. She sees her biggest competition in the kind hearted swamp witch, Misty Day (Lily Rabe), who possess the powers of reincarnation and who Goode has already claimed to be next in line for the supremacy. On the other hand, clairvoyant, Nan believes herself to be the supreme as she sees her powers quickly growing, but then comes to find herself used as a tool in Goode’s quest to immortality by the end of the episode.

In upcoming episodes, it looks like fans of the show can expect extreme amounts of violence and drama as this episode sets up many different plots. Many can expect a war to break out between all of the witches against the relentless witch hunters.

However, it seems as if there will also be an internal war in the coven between supreme and the younger witches who seek to take over position of the supreme. Battle lines have also been drawn between Montgomery and Day as the nasty Montgomery knocks Day over the head with a brick at a funeral procession and proceeds to bury naive Day alive. Another battle takes place between Goode and her daughter Cordelia. Goode believes Cordelia to be useless and stupid because Cordelia had married and trusted the witch hunter, Foxx. Goode accuses Cordelia of letting evil into the coven and ends up telling her to leave for good. In upcoming episodes it will be interesting to see how their relationship changes and works out.

American Horror Story: Coven fans will be in for many violently satisfying treats over the next few episodes as a new supreme will be revealed surely by the last episode on Jan. 29.

In the meantime, one can only guess at what characters will return, what characters will die and what intensely horrific twists and turns the story will take next. Only the last three episodes will tell.

image: FX



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