'American Horror Story: Coven' Recap: 'The Seven Wonders'

By Rachel Grant,

At the end of last week's episode, we saw the death of Fiona by The Axeman, and it was decided that the seven wonders test would be taken in order to decide the fate of the next supreme.

The season finale starts off with Stevie Nicks' return to the show, as she walks through the house and sings, while a montage of the girls preparing for the seven wonders occurs. Then, the four girls competing in the test- Zoe, Misty, Madison and Queenie- sit down with Cordelia and Myrtle and have a dinner the night before the tests, a Last Supper of sorts.

The seven wonders test then begins with the first test: telekinesis. The girls were required to move a candlestick across the table towards themselves, which they all accomplish with no problem. The mind control test then takes place, which has the girls controlling each other's minds, and forcing them to do things to them selves. The love triangle between Kyle, Zoe and Madison is tested again when Madison controls Kyle's mind to kiss her, and make Zoe jealous. Zoe then rebuttals with controlling Kyle's mind to kiss her. All four girls were also able to pass this test.

The third test then takes place, which is the descendant into another world, where the girls are all transported into their own versions of hell, and are required to return to the real world before time runs out, Queenie is taken back to the fast food restaurant she was taken to in the last episode, but is able to quickly return to reality. Madison then returns, closely followed by Zoe. The group waits as Misty is still in her other world, where she is in her middle school class and is required to dissect a frog, is forced to by the teacher, then brings it back to life, this happens over and over, and Misty is not able to return to the real world. Time then runs out, and she turn into a pile of rubble.

Now, with only the three girls left, the transmutation test commences. The girls play a game of tag while they appear and disappear while tagging each other. Zoe disappears, then reappears where she has landed on a steal rod right through her torso. The vitalum vitalis test then occurs, and Queenie tries to bring Zoe back to life, but can't, which takes her out of the game. Madison then refuses to bring her back, but brings a fly back instead, proving that she can accomplish the test.

Myrtle then decides that there is a good chance that Cordelia could be the Supreme, so she is placed in the test. She passes the first five tests with ease, and Madison and Cordelia continue on with the sixth test: divination. The girls are required to locate random items, which belonged to former Supremes that are hidden throughout the house. Cordelia passes the test easily, then it is Madison's turn. She struggles with the test, and instead of admitting that she can't accomplish it, she decides that the game is rigged and she quits.

While she packs her bags to leave, Kyle appears, and strangles her, causing her death. Cordelia then brings Zoe back to life, which is the seventh wonder that she completes, and makes her the next Supreme.

With Cordelia being the next supreme she is given radiant health, and her eye sight is restored. Cordelia then decides that Queenie and Zoe should be the next council members. Myrtle admits that she killed the former council members, and insists that she, again, be burned at the stake.

Cordelia discovers that Fiona tricked everyone and did not die. Cordelia finds her in the house, very near death. They talk, and Cordelia realizes that Fiona knew that she was the Supreme the whole time, which is why she was a bad mother. They finally come to an understanding, and as they embrace, Fiona dies in Cordelia's arms.

Fiona then appears trapped in an old farmhouse, living with the abusive Axeman, where she is damned forever in her own hell.

The season ends with Cordelia welcoming a group of new witches into the house, with her council of Zoe and Queenie by her side, as well as the new butler, Kyle.

image: FX



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