Ana Ivanovic wins match over Serena Williams

By Raquel Luster,

Serena Williams is a powerful athlete and a positive competitor for the sport of tennis. Sometimes the superstar athletes do not always win, but in a game there must always be a winner.

On Sunday, Ana Ivanovic won against Williams at the Australian Open, NY Daily News reports.

This is no ordinary win for Ivanovic because she had lost the four matches to Williams prior to this one.

Afterwards, Williams said, “It’s not like I gave her the match. I tried to fight the best I could today,” writes NY Times.

Both of these ladies represent perseverance and a true love for their craft. They both showcase what it means to work hard.

For Williams, this match may not have been a win but it was another opportunity for the world to see her play. Ivanovic revisited a place of defeat three times before she became the victor.

“I just played really well,” said Ivanovic.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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