Android sales soar as new technologies are developed

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

The number of smartphones and tablet computers shipped with Google's Android operating system will soar to over 1 billion this year. Android, which is installed on products made by Samsung, HTC, Sony and many other manufacturers, is forecast to reach 1.1 billion users in 2014, up 26 percent on last year.

"There is no doubt that there is a volume-versus-value equation, with Android users purchasing lower-cost devices compared to Apple users," Gartner analyst Annette Zimmerman said in a statement on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

New features provided by Android technology might make a difference in how you watch TV.

Fans of watching recording television shows have embraced TiVo for a number of years. TiVo Inc. has let you watch shows on phones and tablets while away from home. Just about anything you can record on your TiVo can be watched on the phone or tablet. For now, viewers are limited to iPhones and iPads with Wi-Fi connections. However, the feature is coming to Android, according to the Associated Press.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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