Anne Hathaway calls Hawaii injury reports a 'false story,' says the 'real story is not as interesting'

By Gina DiFalco,

Photos of Anne Hathaway getting rescued by a surfer in Hawaii after she was taken by a riptide surfaced earlier this month, but during an appearance at the Sundance Film Festival this week she debunked the story.

The Oscar winner was there promoting her film Song One, and she talked about the incident, saying it was a “false story.”

She didn’t go into detail about what really happened, but she did say, “I’m fine. … I really do appreciate everybody’s concern but that was a picture that had a false story attached to it. The real story is not as interesting,” Access Hollywood reports.

The pictures published show Hathaway getting taken care of by her husband, Adam Shulman, on the beach after she was seen struggling in the water. The story was that she needed to be pulled out of the ocean after a riptide pulled her away but as she was being rescued by the surfer, she cut her foot on a reef.

Hathaway talked about the film, also starring Ben Rosenfeld, Johnny Flynn and Mary Steenburgen, saying “It wasn’t as much pressure because my character is not a singer, a musician anything, so there is no pressure to, I don’t know — to please the fans of the music I guess.”

She certainly didn’t feel as much pressure as when she sang “I Dreamed a Dream” in the film adaptation of Les Miserables.

image: ABC



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