Another polar vortex not coming, but colder temperatures will stick around for up to a week due to multiple cold fronts

By Gina DiFalco,

Unfortunately, there’s more freezing temperatures on the way for those in the midwest and northeast. In the next 24 hours, the second polar vortex won’t hit the U.S. but the cold air surrounding it will definitely make itself present.

AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Tom Kines says Tuesday will bring temperatures in the single digits and areas such as Minnesota will experience temperatures below zero.

"It's going to get pretty cold," Kines told the Daily News. "Even though it's winter, its still going to be cold for this time of year."

National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Oravec said the polar vortex -- low pressure that typically exists in the Arctic -- won’t exactly hit the U.S. like it did two weeks ago but cold fronts will be something some areas can’t avoid.

"It's already dipping below zero in parts of the upper Midwest, and temperatures there won't rise much over the next few days," said Oravec, USA Today reports.

Unlike last time when the polar vortex only stuck around for a few days, this new cold front could last up to a week since it’s comprised of several of them.
Kines continued this time around won’t be as bad, as two weeks ago temperatures felt 20 degrees colder than it actually was, but this cold front will only make the weather feel 10 degrees cooler.



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