'Archer Vice': A Debt of Honor

By Drew Barile,

Monday night's episode of Archer was even more over the top than usual, or more precisely crossing over from risqué themes to the blatantly inappropriate.

The episode touched on Pam's drug addiction and sexual indiscretions. Also the episode highlighted the colorful and inapposite history of the Tunt family. Cannot forget Malory offering motherly advice to Lana. And the episode of course had the Yakuza.

The episode began with Pam taking the counterfeit money and buying amphetamines from the Yakuza. Pam returned to the Tunt mansion and to share her exciting transaction with the ISIS gang. The news was not met as Pam had wished. Malory rebuked her, and Pam assured Malory that the Yakuza would not locate her. But of course she was wrong and even left detailed instructions to her location with a picture of her self naked covered in whip cream on her apartment door.

The Yakuza arrived at Tunt mansion demanding the drugs back and the head of Pam. Archer came up with a plan to resolve the situation but needed the help of everyone. Archer first set was to gain firearms as they had none because the FBI took them all. Cheryl gave the group her old relatives fire arms that were all pre-World War I. Lana was disappointed but archer made the best of it. He took an awesome lever action gun and was going to shot the Yakuza from a window, but Lana stopped him. She explained police would come, and he should not shoot.

Instead, Archer devised a plan to reason with Mr. Moto, leader of the Yakuza. While he was devising his plan a Yakuza sniper shot Ron, Malory's man in the stomach. The team assembled to Ron's side. Lana and Archer asked Cheryl if there was an alternate, and secret way out of the home. Cheryl explained there was elaborate system of tunnels that lead throughout New York and further from her relative who wanted to capture runaway slaves and return them. Lana was of course mortified and outraged, but looked over the issue out of sense of self preservation.

Archer took one tunnel out to the street to sneak up on Moto and the other took a different one to escort Ron to a hospital for his gunshot wound. Archer successfully managed to find a man-hole cover that was under Moto's car sitting out front of the mansion. He neutralized the driver and sat down face to face with Moto.

While Moto was outraged and trying to talk, Archer was drinking all the booze in the limo and explained he took some amphetamines too with Pam. Ever time Moto would speak he would discharge his fire arm by Moto's ear to cause him discomfort. Archer explained he could do that all day because he enjoys the sound and it is like wrapping bubbles to him. Moto and Archer came to an arrangement. Moto would get back all the remaining amphetamines, keep the fake money and take all of the cocaine. Archer agreed because he was drunk and also saw that this was the only option.

Moto drove off with his Yakuza and Malory rebuked Archer for his stupidity and having lost 5 million dollars worth of cocaine and the episode ended.

image: FX/Fox



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