'Archer Vice' Season 5 Episode 2: A Kiss while Dying

By Drew Barile,

It turned out that Archer's vision from White Elephant was actually Adam Reed showing the future events of the season to the viewer. In this episode Archer's mother set up a drug deal for him, Lana, and Pam. The three were assigned to go to Miami meet their contact Ramon and he would act as a middle man. In order to transport the product, Archer and Lana had Pam were a full body cast made of cocaine.

Once they arrived at Miami Pam has become addicted to cocaine and is eating and sniffing all of the cocaine before they can meet the buyers through Ramon. While in Miami the episode messed around with Ramon's sexuality and Archer's odd sense of loyalty.

However, Ramon is not as loyal as Archer. Ramon set the three up and working with Charles and Rudy. This was a shock to Archer and Lana, considering that those two tried to kill Ramon in a previous episode. Charles and Rudy take the cocaine from Archer and leave. Ramon then swears to help Archer get it back, but this too is a set up. It is the second phase of the plan. Ramon and Archer break into Charles and Rudy's beautiful home and try to steal the money and cocaine. But a shoot out occurs and Ramon, Charles and Rudy are dead (umm but not really).

As Ramon lied dying, he asked Archer for a kiss, and Lana walked in as it was happening. She criticized Archer and he explained it was a dying man's wish. The three return with the money for Malory but only to find out that the money was fake and they were hoodwinked. Malory instructed them to go retrieve the product and to sort out the mess. The episode then cut to Ramon, Charles and Rudy in a hot tub discussing how the phase two of the operation was stupid and unnecessary. But Ramon explained it will ensure Archer doesn't go looking of them, but really it was so he could get a kiss from Archer.

The next episode of Archer will be Monday 27 on FX at 10 p.m.

image: FX



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