Arizona inmates given only bread and water as punishment

By Michelle Kapusta,

Maricopa County Sheriff will keep 38 Arizona inmates on a bread-and-water-only diet for allegedly defacing the American flag.

According to KFYI News, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that this is punishment for their treatment of the flag.

"These inmates have destroyed the American flag that was placed in their cells. Tearing on them, writing on them, stepping on them, throwing them in the toilet, trash or wherever they feel, it's a disgrace to those who have fought for our country," said Arpaio.

The no-nonsense sheriff, a war veteran himself, likes to keep a little patriotism flowing through his jail system by having The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America play every day.

CNN reported that Arpaio adopted the American flag jailhouse initiative in November and announced a push to hire more war veterans, saying his office currently employs more than 600 men and women who have served in the U.S. Military.

The sheriff also made headlines last year when it was reported that the county’s most famous inmate, Jodi Arias, may have been receiving special treatment.

Arpaio denied those claims and stated that no one in his jail system gets any type of preferential treatment.



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