'Arrow' recap: Tremors

By Rachel Rivera,

Last week’s episode was rough for Arrow: though The Arrow “defeated” Brother Blood with Laurel’s help, Laurel still found herself fired from her job with the District Attorney’s office because of her alleged pill addiction and Roy was stuck dealing with the effects the Mirakuru was having on his system. The episode ended with an unlikely alliance forming between Roy and The Arrow.

This week begins with a man having been arrested for holding up a convenience store. Though the metal detector goes off, he claims it’s from a knee replacement he had done years ago. Though he seems harmless enough, things begin to change once we meet his short-lived cellmate: Ben Turner (aka, Bronze Tiger), a man with ties to The Triad. The man tells him a quick series of instructions which confuses Turner, who tells him they don’t have a way to get out easily. Suddenly, the man begins to cut himself open, revealing weapons that were hidden beneath his skin, including Turner’s infamous three-pronged claws. When an officer comes in to check on the now unconscious cellmate, Turner attacks him and escapes.

In another empty warehouse, Roy is training with The Arrow using the same water slapping method Shado used with Oliver when training him to shoot back on the island. Though Roy is getting annoyed at the seemingly pointless task, Oliver tells him that strength isn’t the point - “controlling it is.” Frustrated, Roy smashes through the bowl and the table underneath. When he pulls back, Oliver notices his shaking hands before Roy can hide them in his signature red hoodie. Oliver then explains that he’s seen this happen before, explaining that after he became unrecognizable, he couldn’t be stopped until Oliver put an arrow through his eye.



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