Atlanta elementary school has sleepover with pizza and popcorn, storm conditions kept them overnight

By Gina DiFalco,

Following this week’s unexpected snow storm in the Atlanta, Georgia area, children were forced to stay overnight at their schools since it was simply too dangerous to travel home. While there, their teachers comforted them and made the best out of the unfortunate situation.

E. Rivers Elementary School in Atlanta had a sleepover, thrown by principal Matt Rogers, on Tuesday night. They watched Free Willy, ate pizza and popcorn, and tried to have fun despite being stuck there.

According to Today.com, there were 94 students and 31 adults - consisting of teachers, bus drivers and some parents – who stayed over and enjoyed the sleepover.

One father, Mark Nilson, walked six miles to be with his 5-year-old daughter for the night once he got word the school bus couldn’t bring her home.

Nilson told Atlanta Journal Constitution, “I passed a lot of the buses on my way here. I saw a lot of cars spinning out, and a lot of buses spinning out.”

Meanwhile, Rogers explained, “Our beautiful little snow flurries at 12, 12:30 turned into a fast-moving snow incident and we ended up having a lot of our kids that are bus riders and car riders stuck here at school with us. We had a snowcation. A little, mini snow vacation overnight."

The principal made the call that everyone shouldn’t try to go home in the worsening weather conditions.

Rogers called the night a “memorable, fun evening,” and was happy to make memories and bond with the students.

By Wednesday morning, the fun didn’t stop. The kids got French toast sticks and fruit for breakfast and and Rogers even proposed a snowball fight, much to their delight.



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