Atlanta’s citizens feel the weight of the snow

By Rachel Grant,
People of Atlanta forced to sleep in cars due to uncharacteristic snowfall

The snowfall that hit the South was just a small amount, but it was enough to paralyze the city of Atlanta after they received around 2-3 inches of snow Tuesday evening.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the snow was so disruptive that there were over 1,000 reported accidents just in Atlanta alone, which left at least 130 people injured, and one dead.

The main reason for the accidents is thought to be people rushing to get home from work, or to pick their children, which only caused more traffic.

People were forced to sleep in their cars, from either being stuck in traffic, getting into accidents, or running out of gas. National Guard troops made food deliveries to people’s cars, in an attempt to keep them safe.

Many children had to sleep in their schools, because their parents were not able to get to them, and some children were stuck on their buses up until the early morning hours.

According to CNN, as of Wednesday evening, state officials are asking residents to refrain from the roads, as the conditions are expected to worsen due to the falling temperatures.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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