AT&T offers $450 to T-Mobile customers

By Michelle Kapusta,

AT&T has taken direct aim at its smaller competitor and offered T-Mobile customers a $450 credit to switch carriers.

According to CNN, the credit offered exclusively to T-Mobile customers will allow individuals to trade in their smartphones for up to $250 in credit for an AT&T phone and be eligible for $200 toward a new plan.

Many believe that AT&T made this move because of a rumor that T-Mobile is planning on announcing a similar offer to AT&T customers next week.

It wouldn’t be the first time that T-Mobile has tried to keep pace with the big boys. In an effort to gain more consumers, the fourth-largest wireless company eliminated contracts, did away with roaming fees and lowered per minute and text charges.

In an email to CNET, an AT&T representative explained that this move was standard.

"Wireless has always been a very competitive industry and a move like this should not be unexpected," the representative said. "As you know, there are handset promotions all the time."



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