Avocados may help to improve weight loss and prevent disease

By Amanda Stewart,

A study has shown that eating avocados can help curb appetite and stop cravings.

In the November issue of the Nutrition Journal research was published that showed that if overweight people ate half an avocado with their lunch they are less likely to want to snack after their lunches. According to CBS News, the study’s authors think that making this discovery may help with weight management as well as avoid disease, like Type 2 diabetes.

The study took 26 overweight, but otherwise healthy, people who snacked on the fruit daily, according to the Science and World Report. It was shown to reduce blood sugar and insulin responses, which have been linked to the urge to snack.

40 percent of the group that was studied reported not having the urge to snack for three hours after eating the fruit and 28 percent reported not being hungry for five hours afterwards.

"These research findings provide support for the emerging benefits of avocados," Nicki Ford, director of Hass Avocado Board said.

"These results further complement our research efforts in weight management and diabetes as well as our continued work to explore the many benefits that fresh avocados have to offer when consumed in everyday healthy eating plans."

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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