Baby born in snow storm on Atlanta interstate

By Raquel Luster,

The snowstorm that covered Atlanta for a couple of days was not ideal for anyone. Nevertheless, extraordinary events happen in spite of various obstacles.

According to CBS News, Nick and Amy Anderson were expecting a new addition to the family on Tues. and thanks to the Atlanta highway gridlock, they gave birth to their daughter, Grace, in the car.

No amount of planning could have prepared the couple for this birth. Although not unexpected, the impact of the disaster on the highway due to the snow storm was not fully understood until drivers were stuck on the interstate.

While Nick stood outside and called 911 for baby delivering assistance, a nearby police officer, Tim Sheffield, stopped to see if he needed help, reports CNN. When Sheffield discovered the happenings, he aided in delivering the Anderson’s child, whom he now shares the same birthday with, writes CNN.

Despite the chaos on the interstate, the Anderson’s can say they witnessed a miracle on Tues. and officer Sheffield can chat about the incredible gift he received.

image: video screenshot



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