Bangkok preparing for more protests after seven shot

By Kyle Johnson,

Seven anti-government protestors were shot on Saturday and the government is steeling itself for increased protests in Bangkok, Thailand as protestors seek to oust the government.

Ahead of more protests where up to 100,000 could likely take up the cause in the wake of the shootings, officials are preparing by readying over 14,000 police and soldiers, reports The Independent. The government is also warning foreign embassies to contact expats and warn them about the potential coup and seek stockpiles of food and water if things get out of hand.

"I am concerned about security because there will be many people. The violence is increasing," said Thailand's head of army Prayuth Chan-ocha. "We can think differently but we cannot kill each other. Please don't use violence."

On Saturday, gunmen showed up and opened fire upon the protestors already in Bangkok, according to Reuters. This attack follows a previous clash where six people were injured.

The protestors want Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and family out of the government and have accused them of nepotism and corruption.

The Independent notes that many Thais feel that Yingluck is only a puppet prime minister, with her brother, Thaksinn Shinawatra, controlling the government behind the scenes. A coup saw him overthrown back in 2006.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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