'Being Human' (US) recap: That Time of the Month

By Drew Barile,

Episode 2 of Season 4 was fast-paced and full of shocking new developments. The episode had a tense and somber mood, with its trademark humor to lighten the darkness. Overall the episode had a lugubrious tone.

The episode had a stronger focus on Aidan and his wife. *Spoiler alert*, Bishop turned her after she was drowned in the river by the reverend. The episode provided flashbacks and present day scenes with Susana to give the viewer the background to where she is now. Aidan throughout the episode tries to form some sort of a relationship with her and perhaps continue where they left off so long ago. However, Susana doesn't want to and encouraged Aidan to leave the past in the past.

Sally, the ghostly interloper began trying to experiment with her new powers. She, in her desire to help Josh, visited Donna's old soup kitchen and finds a leather bound book. This book is the only thing she can touch and also something only she can read. Sally discovered a spell that could free Josh from his wolf, and encouraged Nora and Aidan to help her exercise it. Aidan was reluctant to use Donna's blood magic, but Nora wanted her husband back.

They all performed the ritual, which was strange even by Being Human standards. However, some complications arose and Sally disappeared again to another place. *Spoiler alert* Sally discovered she can travel through time, going back to the house on the day Josh and Aidan moved in. Sally eventually returns to the group. She rebuked Aidan for taking action into his own hands with Josh and interrupting the final parts of the ritual.

A lot happened but to say anymore would spoil the episode for those who want to watch it. Below is the entire episode, in case you missed it.

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