'The Big Bang Theory': 'The Hesitation Ramification' recap

By Marissa Pessolano,

In this week’s Big Bang Theory, “The Hesitation Ramification,” Penny tells the gang that she got a part on a TV show. She reveals that she will be flirting with Mark Harmon in a diner.

At the Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon tries to demonstrate his sense of humor after becoming confused by a joke about Howard’s mom. Leonard tells Sheldon that he isn’t funny, so as a result he decides to create a unified theory of comedy to make people laugh.

Raj takes Stuart as his “date” to watch Penny’s TV appearance. Raj explains that he blew things with a girl he was talking to, so he took Stuart instead. Howard suggests that he should try to practice talking to regular 'un-hot' people to help him with talking to attractive girls.

The gang gathers around the TV to watch Penny’s NCIS episode. When Penny notices that her scene was cut from the episode, she gets upset and leaves the apartment.

Penny talks to her father on the phone, who is trying to console her. Leonard comes into the apartment to also try to help her feel better. Penny explains how this was supposed to lead to more auditions and more parts. Leonard mistakenly points out that she only had 3 lines, so it probably wouldn’t have happened anyway. This upsets Penny, and Leonard tries to take it back. Penny accuses Leonard of not believing in her. Penny asks him to honestly answer if he could see her being in movies and winning awards. He answers no. He assures her that she is pretty and talented, but it is a hard profession to break into.

Sheldon is still trying to figure out how to make people laugh. His attempts to make Amy laugh don’t seem to be working. Amy explains to him that he cannot read books and become funny. As she is explaining, Sheldon pulls down his pants. She giggles and tells him that that was pretty good.

Raj and Stuart go out to the mall in hopes to find people that Raj can talk to. Back at the apartment Sheldon recites words to Amy, hoping that she finds them funny.

Leonard goes to Penny’s apartment to try to make things up to her. He tells her that he believes in her and shows her that he got her an audition to be in a Star Wars movie. Penny is excited until she realizes that it is a PR stunt that anyone could apply for.

Raj and Stuart are still on the hunt, looking for someone to make conversation with. This proves harder than it should be.

Amy joins Howard and Bernadette at the Cheesecake Factory. She expresses her frustrations with Sheldon and Bernadette suggests that she should try to fake a laugh. Howard asks Bernadette if she has ever faked a laugh with him. She claims she doesn’t, and Howard claims that he would know if she was anyway. This leads to Bernadette laughing with great gusto to prove her point that he couldn’t tell.

A drunk Penny goes to see Leonard and apologizes for how she reacted to the Star Wars audition. She admits to him that she feels like she isn’t going anywhere. She is frustrated that she is still a waitress and there is nothing else she can do. She says she has been there for 10 years with nothing to show for it. Leonard points out to her that she has him. She says that he is right, before she gets down on her knee to propose to Leonard. He tells her that he loves her, but she is drunk and sad and lost. Penny gets upset and leaves. Sheldon walks in, feeling like he has the perfect joke. Leonard is not in the mood, though.

Raj and Stuart are still at the mall, which is about to close. Raj does manage to ask a security guard how he feels about his job before leaving the mall, which is a small victory for him.

Sheldon notices that Leonard is upset. Leonard explains what had happened and he is afraid to ask her if the relationship is over. Instead of making a joke or a sarcastic comment, Sheldon apologizes to Leonard to his surprise. As Sheldon is walking away, Leonard asks him if he put a “kick me” sign on his back. Sheldon says, no as that would not be funny at all before he takes the sign off his back.

The episode ends with Howard sending in his audition tape for the Star Wars movie. He is wearing a robe and reciting a line while Bernadette starts to yell at him for not replacing the toilet paper.

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