'The Big Bang Theory' Recap: 'The Convention Conundrum'

By Marissa Pessolano,

In this week’s The Big Bang Theory, “The Convention Conundrum,” the gang tries to buy tickets to Comic Con. They however, are unable to make the purchase before the tickets sell out. They become depressed that they cannot go, as they were all planning on going as different portrayals of the Hulk.

Sheldon decides that he wants to start his own convention, refusing to scalp tickets because he doesn’t want to get caught. He starts making phone calls, one of which is to Robert Downey, Jr.’s agent, who refuses and hangs up on him.

Penny tells Amy and Bernadette that she can’t believe Leonard is spending so much money on tickets. Bernadette agrees saying she had to give Howard an advance on his allowance. The girls decide to do something grown-up and go for tea.

Sheldon tells the guys that he is close to obtaining James Earl Jones for his convention. He explains that he discovered where Jones will be eating sushi and he plans to go find him.

The scalper with the tickets is late, so the guys start to worry. At tea, the girls notice that there are a lot of little girls present, so they don’t feel very grown up.

At the sushi restaurant, Sheldon speaks to James Earl Jones who calls Leonard a weenie for telling Sheldon he would come off as a stalker. He seems to enjoy Sheldon’s company.

The guys continue to worry that the scalper is a murderer and then ponder about the trouble they can get in for scalping tickets. They think about calling the guy to cancel, but Leonard talks them out of it.

Sheldon and Jones talk about Star Wars together and Jones invites Sheldon to go have some fun. The girls, meanwhile, go out for drinks and discuss the fact that none of them feel like they are grown up yet.

The scalper calls and says he is on his way, but the guys get scared last minute and close the lights to make it look like they aren’t there, while Sheldon is out bonding with Jones over ice cream. He then goes with Jones on a Ferris wheel, they sing karaoke, ring Carrie Fisher’s doorbell and hide, and go to a sauna. The two finally discuss the convention, and Jones suggests that they should just go to Comic Con with him. He then mentions that it is right across from his favorite place Tijuana, where he plans to take Sheldon every night. Eventually, Sheldon falls asleep from Jones’ storytelling.



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