Blackberry loses star-power pitchwoman Alicia Keys

By Andrew Wilson,

In the ever growing uphill battle Blackberry faces against competitors Apple and Samsung, the company is now cutting ties with Alicia Keys after just one year.

According to Reuters Keys was hired last January as Blackberry’s Global Creative Director but will now be leaving the company as they focus more on businesses and other large organizations.

The once cutting-edge smartphone company was seen as a status symbol for anyone who owned one but with Apple dominating with the iPhone and Android-based phones becoming more commonplace, Blackberry made their last effort with the Blackberry 10, which ultimately flopped. Recently, Blackberry even tried to sell itself to no avail. This led to many layoffs, including the chief executive who hired Keys, as well as many senior executives.

The New York Times even noted that Keys herself still used her iPhone to post on Twitter, not realizing the software tracks what device you are using to create posts.

Adam Emory, a spokesperson for the company, didn’t offer a specific reason for Keys' departure, only that their year-long collaboration has been completed.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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