'The Blacklist' Recap: 'The Alchemist'

By Lauren Wheeler,
Who is the mole?

On this week's episode of The Blacklist, the mole was revealed, Tom was super sketchy and a killer could trade DNA.

The Blacklist member of the week is the Alchemist, who can victims look like bad guys through plastic surgery, blood transfusions and synthetic DNA. (Kind of like Bane did in The Dark Knight Rises.)

The Alchemist is protecting a mobster and his family in this episode. So, the episode began with him putting a man and woman on a plane and jumping out, leaving the two to die in a plane crash. I don't understand why he went through all of that to kill two people. Why not a car accident or something less attention grabbing? Nevertheless, innocent people are dead and bad guys are set free.

The FBI aren't dummies though. They examine the two bodies' bone marrow. But the guy who figures it out is killed before he can tell the FBI what he knows.

How does he die? Well, the Alchemist walks into the headquarters dressed like a lawyer and says he needs to talk to his client. But, there is no talking about he kills him with a piece of poison gum.

Meanwhile, Red is still trying to figure out who that pesky mole is. He has his team going through trash bags of shredded documents. He wants them to put them together.

Red says, "I hate sarcasm but I love puzzles." Which is funny because he isn't doing any of the matching.

Even though Tom flew all the way to Lincoln, he didn't do the job interview. Let me repeat that, he flew to Nebraska for no reason. Or maybe he went there because he is a super creepy dude who probably murdered people.

Tom and Liz talked about having kids again. He said he doesn't want Liz to quit her job- he just wants her to do something safer. She ends the conversation again.

Red tells Liz that he refuses to go to the FBI headquarters until the mole is caught. I don't blame the guy. I wouldn't either.

Let me just go on the record and say that I do not think Red is Liz's father. I'm sure everyone disagrees with me, but making him her birth father just seems too easy.

Their father/daughter-like relationship is one of the highlights of the show. His protective instincts toward her almost make me forgive him for that killing spree last episode. Almost.

The team finds out who the Alchemist is and goes to talk to his wife. Turns out he is basically a real life mad scientist. Also, the fact that is daughter is diabetic is weirdly brought up.

While the team is talking to his family, the Alchemist takes another victim via fake casting call.

At the baby shower, Tom seems like a cool, doting husband. He plays along with the baby themed games. He talks with his fellow teachers, he seems like he is not a spy.

Liz and Tom go into a separate room, alone, and argue. There is no better place to publicly argue about your future than a baby shower. They talk about maternity leave and her work load. Basically, Tom whines.

They are interrupted by Jolene, a substitute teacher who was in the bathroom. She flirts with Tom and invites him to go to some photography exhibit.

I feel like the writers may be setting Tom up in an adultery trap. You know, when Liz is away, Tom will play. And he and Jolene do have the whole teaching thing in common. And Jolene doesn't work all the time.

But wait, Jolene isn't a real teacher. She is someone with a file on Tom and is watching him closely. Is Red spying on him or does it have anything to do with the people that were watching Liz and Tom?

The team figures out where the Alchemist does his work and runs to arrest him. However, he is one step ahead of them. He is killing everyone who could lead the police to them. That includes his own wife and daughter.

But really, it isn't them. He kidnapped his wife and daughter. The two victims are people made to look like his daughter and wife. Crafty.

The team figures that out while the Alchemist is at a little store. The Alchemist is trying to make a deal to save his family. He says that he will tell them where all of the real bad guys are if he will put them in witness protection.

Sounds like a decent deal until the Alchemist's wife shoots him and kills him. But, in the spirit of happy endings, the FBI happens to find a list on the Alchemist's hard drive.

Liz gives the list to Red. He said that he needs it for unfinished business. Whatever that means.

Side note, was the obituary for Lucy Brooks, in Red's hand, Jolene? They looked an awful lot alike.

Ressler also met with his ex, Audrey. Turns out she broke off her engagement because she couldn't stop thinking about him. It is a dumb side plot. I hope she has something to do with Red, Liz and the FBI. If not, it is a complete waste of time.

Tom did go to the photography exhibit with Jolene. Liz worked late. In the final scene, Red comes face to face with the mole.

It's Agent Malik!

Image Courtesy of NBC



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