'The Blacklist' Recap: 'The Good Samaritan'

By Lauren Wheeler,
Lots of blood was spilled in this week's episode

#106: The Good Samaritan

On this episode of The Blacklist, Red killed a bunch of people, Liz chased an important killer and the Post Office tried to find the mole.

The episode began with a mother and son at a birthday party. As the mother was watching the little boy walk away, a creep walked up next to her. He offered her strawberry punch and said that he was another child’s uncle. The mother really made a dumb decision by drinking the punch. She not only drank from a glass that a stranger gave her but she also continued to talk to a stranger.

As the mother sat in her car, it became clear to her that she was drugged. She fell asleep right in her car and passed out onto the asphalt. She woke up in a room, strapped to a table with the “Uncle” telling her that he had drugged her. He then explained exactly what he was going to do to her.

After all of the hurting is done, the man leaves the mother bloody and beaten in a van to die.

Meanwhile Tom tells Liz that he’s upset that people are watching them. She calmly explained that they’re watching all of the agents. Tom says her that he thinks they should move away from all of the crazy killers. I can dig that; he doesn’t want his wife to die. In a normal situation, I’d agree with Tom. However, Red said to “watch out” for him so I don’t want Liz going anywhere with him.

Tom says that he has a job interview in Lincoln, Neb. and that he is really interested in taking it. Let’s think about this though. Last time Tom had a “job interview” two people were murdered and he was framed/he maybe did it. So, it makes me wonder if this is a job interview or an assassination assignment. Before they can discuss it, Liz gets an email about a new case. So, she leaves.

Liz goes to Agent Cooper and says that she was the “rode lead” on the Good Samaritan case before coming to the Post Office. Cooper says that he doesn’t want Liz focused on anything but finding Red. She says that Red knows that the case is important to her so he will probably reach out to her to help. So, Cooper allows it.

Can I just say that little Lizzie has really gotten more tough since The Blacklist started? She basically told Cooper who was boss. Red gave her some power and she knows exactly what to do with it.

The whole Post Office crew had to be questioned to figure out who the mole is. CIA-Meera rolls her eyes at the questioned the interviewer on why people aren’t being tortured to figure out who the mole is. That begs the question: is the US government is in the game for torturing its own employees? Hope not because Liz would be the first one in line to be water-boarded.

Director Fowler, who is seriously angry with Agent Cooper, asked how they managed to lose a whole body (Red) when the Post Office was broken into. He says he doesn’t know but that Reddington had something to do with it.

Meanwhile, Red is doing what he does best: killing people. He is trying to find the leak and trying to get revenge for his murdered friend, Luli. In the background, fittingly, Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around” is playing, including the intro reciting Revelations 6:1. It was ironic and horrifying at the same time.

Red questions everyone that he saw on the day that the Post Office was broken into. He questions the doctor who gave him the medicine when he was being tortured. He questions the EMS person who pulled the chip out of his neck. And after he questions them, he finds that they were all paid in small bills for certain jobs and they didn’t know who was in charge. Instead of letting the seemingly innocent people go, he kills them all.

When Red hears that Liz is on the Good Samaritan case, he calls her to help her out. He asked why it is so important to her and she said that one of the first victims died in her arms. Red tells her that she should look at the victims rather than the killer. Liz figures it out.

Liz figures out that the victims all had the same injuries as someone in their family. The Good Samaritan was killing abusers. Liz tells Ressler and Meera that Red helped her by calling her. Meera asks if Liz has told anyone and Liz says no. Meera is called over by Cooper and told that she is no longer a suspect. But, a bank account was found and she needs to find out whose it is. She tattles on Liz and tells Cooper that Red called Liz.

Turns out that the bank belonged the computer technician, Aram. But, Red found out first and forced him to move money. Realizing that he could do it without a paper trail, they realize that he was set up.

Flash to Red torturing Fyodor by throwing vodka on him and threatening to light him on fire if he doesn’t tell him which bank financed Garrick’s mission. He says that it is Gestalten Landesbank. So, instead of lighting Fyodor on fire, he sticks a light cigar in his mouth. After a few seconds, Red gets impatient and just shoots him. Well, that was easy.

Ressler (with a limp and cane) and Liz go to talk to the mother’s son, confirming that she abused him and that the Good Samaritan was some killer that was trying to get revenge for the abused. That makes his media-nickname even more ironic.

Turns out, the killer is a nurse who sees abuse victims all the time. He takes care of a woman who has a broken wrist and a very abuse-y looking husband looming in the doorway. The killer follows the husband to a help group where he discusses exactly why he domestically abuses his wife. Creepy killer says that his mother abused him but he has moved on and he and his mother have found a remedy and are closer than ever before. What the group doesn’t know is that this remedy is murdering domestic abusers.

So, Ressler and Liz figure out who the nurse is and try to go find him before he kills the most recent domestic abuser.

Meanwhile, Red goes to the banker and forces him to tell him who transferred the money. He whispers it but we couldn’t tell whom he said.

Liz finds the Good Samaritan and kills him before he kills his own mother. Then, she meets the domestic abuser at the hospital and Liz tells him that she will kill him if he lays a hand on his wife again. Well.

Aram comes back to the Post Office and is blamed for being the mole. He says that he isn’t and Red gave him evidence. It is Newton Philips. Who is that? He used to be Red’s friend and we saw him briefly earlier in the season. Why did he do it? Well, we’ll never know because Red killed him.

Then we find out that Fitch, who hired people to kidnap Red, is actually FBI Director Fowler’s boss. He is demanding to know what happened in the post office and she won’t tell. Which is good, because he’s a bad guy.

At Liz’s apartment, Red shows up. He says that he cleaned his house and has the newest name on the Blacklist. That’s cool.

What did you think of the episode?

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