Blind man who fell in NYC subway gets new service dog

By Michelle Kapusta,

The blind man who fell onto subway tracks in New York City last month has a new service dog named Godiva.

According to the Associated Press, Cecil Williams got the two-year-old yellow Labrador as a guide dog after Godiva graduated from the Guiding Eyes for the Blind school on Saturday.

When the 61-year-old lost consciousness and fell onto the subway tracks last month, his guide dog Orlando jumped down with him and would not leave his owner's side.

Terrified onlookers watched from the platform as an oncoming train approached the pair.

Luckily, the duo was able to duck under the tracks as the train passed above them. Williams and Orlando were both unharmed.

However, it was revealed that Williams was set to lose his best friend to the 11-year-old’s retirement.

After hearing the heartwarming story, anonymous donors sent in money for Williams to keep his dog as a pet.

“Orlando was like my angel, and he's always been that since I got him,” Williams told NBC. “We work together. I protect him and he protects me.”



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