Blood test may be able to predict heart attack

By Amanda Stewart,

Scientists at the Scripps Research Center in California have developed a simple blood test that could detect a heart attack before it happens.

According to Healthline, the test identifies particular cells in the bloodstream that are found after heart attacks. These cells circulate due to build up of plaque in the arteries.

The test only requires a milliliter of blood. Then a doctor would place identifiers in the blood to mark the cells that will predict a heart attack.

The new test was given to 79 people and 25 people who are well and seven that live with a vascular disease. Heart attack patients had a higher number of these cells in their bloodstream, according to the Science World Report.

Identifying the risk by finding these cells in the bloodstream could make it possible for doctors to administer the right medication to avoid a heart attack right away. It can also do the opposite, in which someone with chest pain is given the test and the doctor can avoid hospitalization if the person shows no signs of a heart attack.

This test could potentially save many lives and many people unneeded hours in the emergency room.

The study was published in the Physical Biology journal.



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