B.o.B. announces new rock EP

By Chelsea Lewis ,

B.o.B., who is known for his hit singles such as "Strange Clouds" and "So Good," is planning a new rock EP album, following his latest studio release.

The rapper has been promising a rock style EP for a while and fans will soon be able to hear the new and modern sound. B.o.B. recently spoke to Billboard about the upcoming EP and said that it is definitely in the works.

"I have a lot of projects that I'm working on," he said. "I'm really juggling a lot. I'm having fun in the process because I'm doing things I've never done before. I'm really producing projects that show I'm understanding music better than I ever have. I know I'll get everything done and out, hopefully sooner than later."

The up and coming musician also explained to fans what it was like competing with Beyonce's self-titled, un-marketed album in 2013. The "Strange Clouds" singer had released his third album Underground Luxury just four days after Beyonce's media world wind started taking place.

Hot New Hip Hop reported that Underground Luxury sales for the first few weeks under performed previous estimates.

He spoke about how even though he wished Beyonce had waited until 2014, he was impressed with the album and the release.

"It was definitely, like, Whoa... She showed the world how powerful an artist can be, and at the same time how powerful the Internet is. That's how to end the year, y'know? She ended with a bang," said B.o.B.

Watch B.o.B.'s latest music video for "Paper Route" here:

image: Wikimedia Commons



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