Britney Spears is taking over Vegas

By Gina Masilotti,

Britney Spears is showing everyone that she’s still got it. From sexy magazine covers to an even sexier show, the 32-year-old pop star is one of the best selling performers Vegas has seen in a while.

Her latest show, Britney: Piece of Me, began on Dec. 27 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and is set for a two-year residency, with 50 shows per year. With it not even being a month since the show began, Britney has already outsold other Las Vegas residencies on StubHub’s 2013/2014 list. She’s outsold some big names, including Celine Dion, Elton John, Shania Twain and Rod Stewart, which is a huge achievement for the pop star. She is also the third highest-selling Vegas residency ever, behind Celine Dion and Elton John.

Showing Vegas all she’s got on a stage isn’t the only thing this ‘mom by day, entertainer by night’ has to offer. In her most recent feature and interview in Vegas Magazine, Britney shares her thoughts on reclaiming her fame while still trying to live a normal life as a mother. She tells the magazine how a typical day involves her dropping her two sons, Sean, 8, and Jayden, 7, off at school, heading to the dance studio for about five hours of rehearsal, going back to pick her sons up and driving home in time to cook dinner. Britney admits, “It’s a grueling schedule.”

Some might think that performing 50 shows a year while still being an amazing mother would be horribly stressful, but being someone who has sold 100 million albums and has been doing so much more since she first began at 17-years-old, this new life in Vegas is actually quite ordinary. “I think I’ll be able to live a normal life with my kids,” Britney told the magazine from her home in Los Angeles. “I will have some nights where I’ll come back to LA after a show and some where I’ll stay over in Las Vegas."

We all know Britney hasn’t always had it so easy. She’s been through some rough times, but her true fans have stuck with her throughout it all. Her Vegas show is a way for her to prove that this “bitch” has still got what it takes. She’s using this opportunity to have some fun and show everyone the amazing woman, Mom and performer she’s become. “When I’m being a mom, I’m a mom all the way. But when I’m onstage, it’s like my therapy time. I get to be this person that I’m really not. It’s a way to get out of my own head and have some fun.”

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