Bruno Mars talks Super Bowl halftime show, performing in cold weather

By Daniel S Levine,

Bruno Mars spoke with reporters on Thursday and while it wasn’t as show-stopping as Beyonce’s pre-game press conference last year, the “Locked Out Of Heaven” singer kept the event lighthearted. He joked about performing in cold weather and when it finally clicked with him that he’s performing at the Super Bowl.

The press conference took place at Lincoln Center's Rose Theater in New York City. "I've never had to do a press conference before I perform, so it just got real, I guess,” he told reporters, notes Billboard.

Michelle Williams was actually there as a correspondent for omg! Insider. The Destiny’s Child singer performed with Beyonce last year, a performance Mars made sure to watch. "We were all watching you as a band last year when you performed with Beyonce, and we wondering just like, what if one day we get the call to do that,” he told Williams.

Mars has some big shoes to fill, as some of his other favorite artists have performed halftime shows before him, like Prince and Bruce Springsteen.

He’s been rehearsing all week to make sure he gets everything right and admitted that it’s tough to perform in the cold. “It's cold. That's the surprise,” he said, reports The News Tribune. His microphone also turned into a popsicle.

As for keeping his famous hairstyle intact for the cold show, he’s prepared. “I got three gallons of hairspray in this thing, so I'm good!"

Mars isn’t giving a solo show, though. He’s performing with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Red Hot Chili Peppers. “I've been a fan a long time,” he said. “It's an honor to be sharing the stage with them.”

Mars is certainly an interesting choice for the Super Bowl Halftime show. While he’s a popular artist who’s sold millions and won Grammys, he’s not known for giving huge, showy performances. "I don't trapeze and all that stuff,” he told reporters. “I hope to get people dancing and get people smiling. if you ever come to my shows, it's just us up there with these songs and our instruments. I hope that's enough.”

The Super Bowl is set for Sunday, with the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks playing for the NFL championship.

image: Albert Ferreira/STARTRAKS PHOTO via ABC



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