California drought to prompt 'zero allocation' to save water

By Kyle Johnson,

The severe drought affecting California has officials prepping to likely announce a zero allocation of water from the State Water Project, with any available water mainly going towards safety and public health.

Director of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Chuck Bonham said, "It's about holding back water so we've got it tomorrow," reports the Los Angeles Times.

The State Water Project has never been able to enact zero allocation before, but they have no choice unless the state stars receiving rain or enough snow melt. Those that use water from the Project aren't totally in the lurch as contractors often are also receiving water from wells or storage.

The Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin said that zero allocation would not mean that Californians would be without water in their homes, though.

Cowin also noted that the lowered use of the Sacramento Delta was going to none, according to CBS LA. "Today's actions mean that everyone - farmers, fish, people - will get less water as a result, but these actions will protect us all better in the long run."

According to KNX1070 reporter Mike Landa who spoke with Cowin, the Southern California Metropolitan Water District had enough of a reserve built up for those who get their water through there.



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