‘Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Date Expectations

By Lena Finkel,

It’s a very happy Valentine’s Day on The Carrie Diaries and everyone’s geared up to have the perfect day. Or maybe not…

With Sebastian back in NYC, he and Carrie are planning their first ever V-Day and Sebastian wants to make it really special. He makes reservations for two at a fancy restaurant uptown and it’s a date! Until his new buddy Tony Hawk (yes, you read that right) calls up and wants to hang. And since Sebastian has an idea for a skater clothing line, he promptly ditches Carrie to make his business meeting.

Meanwhile, Walt is hoping to have a little one-on-one time with his new beau for their Valentine’s Day. But when Sam announces that she’s taking all of them to the hottest gay club ‘Boy,’ his plans quickly go out the window. And with Carrie’s schedule suddenly free and Walt’s plans ruined, it looks like it’s a field trip for everyone. Let’s all go to 'Boy'!

But ‘Boy’ quickly turns out to be more than they bargained for. Walt claims that the bar is a little “too gay” for him and Larissa can’t help but get jealous at all the attention Sam is receiving.

And back in Connecticut, Maggie isn’t having such a great V-Day either. After freaking out about her future, she let a cute military man convince her to join the army. But by the time Mouse can talk her out of it, it’s already too late. Looks like it’s time for a plan!

Mouse and her new BFF Donna (is anyone else starting to really dig their friendship?) drive Maggie onto the army base to convince the recruitment general to let Maggie off the hook. But once inside, Mouse starts to freak out and decides to take action herself…and immediately gets caught! The army general threatens to arrest her, but Maggie luckily talks him out of it.

In the meantime, at 'Boy', Walt is finally starting to relax. But just when things seem to be looking up, Bennett’s friend drops a bomb on the all: Bennett’s ex-boyfriend is dying of AIDS. Which means, Bennett, and Walt by extension, could have AIDS too! The show quickly turns into a mini-soap opera as all the characters try to get it together.

A week later and they all find out that they’re healthy and clean (that was quick!). But the scare was enough to shake Walt to his core. He decides he’s not quite ready to join the gay community and dumps Bennett.

Yet while Walt’s relationship is ending, Dorrit’s is just beginning. She spends a movie night with her new friend Scott (who is, by the way, the sweetest boy on earth). And while she doesn’t think she could ever date such a nice boy, her dad’s reverse psychology quickly changes her mind.

Overall, it was definitely not the best episode of the season. If the show is going to get so melodramatic, then they better have a few good fake criers to back them up (AnnaSophia Robb should never be allowed to fake-cry onscreen again).

What did you think of The Carrie Diaries this week?



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