‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Hungry Like the Wolf

By Lena Finkel,

This week, The Carrie Diaries was all about honing in on your killer instincts — because everyone knows those Bradshaws are just crazy! Carrie is trying to deal with owning her success at Interview Magazine, while Tom is trying to take on another lawyer (with the help of the craziest Bradshaw of them all, little Dorrit).

Off at Interview, Bennett seems to be AWOL, but being the terrific friend she is, Carrie decides to help him out a bit. So when she sees that he has an article to do, she does it for him, as a little favor. But Bennett quickly becomes just a little too grateful when the article is a hit. However, he totally learns his lesson! Or not. In about five seconds, he’s right out the door again, leaving Carrie to pick up the slack.

Meanwhile, Tom is taking on a killer lawyer in the boardroom. But when he arrives, the other lawyer seems like a complete mess and he lowers his defenses. Too bad he was playing him the entire time!

Tom is too nice of a guy to know what to do, so he turns to his conniving (and hilarious) daughter Dorrit to help him out. She quickly manipulates the other lawyer into handing over some very valuable information. Team Dorrit for the win!

Back at Interview and Carrie is faced with another dilemma involving Bennett. She sees he has yet another assignment that he’s ignoring. And in a flash she decides to swoop in and take it! She goes off to the ballet to interview a 17-year-old ballerina. The two hit it off (almost) immediately and the ballerina gives it to her straight: Carrie’s going to need some killer instincts if she wants to thrive in New York.

Carrie writes one of the most inspired pieces of her young career! But, in order for her to rise through the ranks, that means that others are going to have to fall and Bennett gets fired. Looks like Carrie’s killer instincts are working just fine!

But while the Bradshaws are totally succeeding, Sebastian seems to be struggling. His father came to ask for his trust fund back. Being the nice guy he is, Sebastian decides to hand it over and risks his already secured future. Perhaps Sebastian’s killer instincts need a little honing…

And back in Connecticut, Maggie is busy trying to ward off her instincts altogether. She wants to hold on to her new military boyfriend and doesn’t want to ruin everything by sleeping with him too soon. But she overcompensates and he mistakes her distance for disinterest. Luckily, she comes clean just in time and they make up.

Overall, it was a very cute episode of The Carrie Diaries and a really entertaining one at that. But next time, let’s have a little more Dorrit — she’s too good a character to waste!



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