'The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: 'This is the Time'

By Lena Finkel,

For those of you who missed The Carrie Diaries last night, you didn’t miss much. Ok, you may have missed out on a bit. The gang did go to prom after all!

After Donna’s PG-13 car wash, the crew can now afford to have their prom at the Waldorf hotel — which doesn’t seem to please Walt as much as it does the others. But luckily Maggie convinces him to go with her.

And Maggie isn’t the only one with a hot date. Dorrit is apparently going to the prom too with her adorable new boy toy. The two decide that they’ll go to the prom “ironically,” with Dorrit wearing a puffy pink princess dress. But what’s truly priceless is her “before prom” pic with Carrie!

And they’re off to prom! Carrie, Mouse, Maggie, and Walt are on their way in their great big limo. And even though the Waldorf is just as magical as they dreamed it would be, Carrie can’t seem to enjoy it for even a minute. She’s dateless (Sebastian was busy taking care of his new business and new dog) and she has a big decision to make: although she got into her dream school (NYU), Larissa offered her the most fabulous job at Interview.

Carrie’s having a pretty tough time making her decision and can’t stop complaining to her friends about it. But when she compares her tough situation to Walt’s life in the closet, she clearly goes too far — Is anyone else finding Carrie extremely unlikeable these last few episodes?

Luckily, she’s able to make amends with Walt pretty quickly. And just as they attempt to return to prom, she randomly spots her ex, the famous young playwright. He decides to apologize to her and gives her some much-needed advice about her hard decision.

So, when she finally returns home from prom, she decides to suck it up and tell her dad her decision: she’s not going to college. It pretty much goes over exactly how she imagines: he flips out and officially cuts her off financially. Great work, Carrie.

Meanwhile, Sebastian has made a decision of his own: he’s moving back to California for the summer to work on his company. But when he goes to tell Carrie, she’s too depressed to hear it and he wimps out. But as he comforts her, they look more like brother and sister than a hot young couple. Perhaps they’ll break up when he moves to California and she can meet someone more intriguing!

Overall, the episode had a few good moments — Dorrit and her boyfriend mocking prom was a nice touch and Mouse’s speech defending the newly crowned prom queen Donna was also a surprisingly funny scene. But Carrie and Sebastian’s relationship is about as exciting as boiled chicken and Carrie’s neediness is getting old. How does this little wilted flower turn into the independent young thang in Sex and the City? Only time will tell.

image: CW



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