‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Under Pressure

By Lena Finkel,

After a small hiatus, Carrie and the gang are back! And now they are ready to party — a super-secret party while their dad is out of town, that is.

Last time we left off, Sebastian was off to California, Mouse and West had broken up over her acceptance to Harvard, and Maggie had just lost her baby two seconds after learning of her pregnancy.

But now that Sebastian is actually in the sunshine state, Carrie is freaking out. She can’t seem to catch Sebastian on the phone and Larissa’s little “pep talk” didn’t help much either. (Telling Carrie that her and Sebastian are bound to break up isn’t exactly inspirational).

While Carrie is busy sulking over her man, her little sis Dorrit is completely over hers (remember, she broke up with her first boyfriend not too long ago). She’s falling hard for a stoner-type guy at school, and with Donna’s blessing no less.

And just when Dorrit is looking for the perfect opportunity to hang with her man, her dad announces that he’ll be out of town for the night on a big case. Excellent! The second he turns his back, Dorrit is out the door inviting everyone she knows to her big blowout party. Carrie is no better, of course, as she dashes out to invite Sebastian over for a weekend of “alone time.”

Meanwhile, their dad Tom Bradshaw has just arrived at his new case: Larissa and Harlan’s pre-nup! That’s right, the two lovebirds are making it official and tying the knot. But not before laying down a few rules first. Luckily, they’re able to work out all the kinks in the nick of time.

Back at the Bradshaw home, Carrie and Sebastian are disgustingly in love. Just as they’re getting down to business, they suddenly hear the commotion downstairs. Carrie runs down — in her nighty — to find a party in full swing. They’re just about to roll out the kegs when Carrie finally catches up with Dorrit. But when Sebastian tells Carrie that he’s moving back to Connecticut for her, she quickly uses the party as an excuse to avoid him at all costs.

Of course, the party continues to get more and more out of control: the keg explodes all over the ceiling, Donna and Mouse engage in a beer pong war, and their next-door neighbor arrives in time to devour a pot brownie.

But the Bradshaw girls have everything under control! They distract their neighbor long enough to get her off their backs and then Dorrit starts hitting it off with her crush’s nice friend. But Donna can’t help but stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong, and convinces Dorrit that she should ditch the friend and go back to the stoner.

Luckily, Carrie takes advantage of the (very) brief moment of peace long enough to talk things out with Sebastian and all is well once again! The two then muster up the energy to kick out their houseguests.

The next morning, Dorrit wakes up to find her new crush running back to his girlfriend (oops!), Mouse wakes up spooning Donna, and Carrie finds her sweet boyfriend cleaning up her house. The girls are able to clean up their entire party before their dad comes back, except for their stoned neighbor hiding in the closet.

So despite all the nonsense that ensued, everything worked out in the end! Sebastian even finds a new pad to crash in when he moves back to Connecticut (he takes Larissa’s old place). So what could ruin Carrie’s perfect world now? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see...

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image credit: The CW



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