Celebrity Tweets: Sunday January 26, 2014--Grammy Awards, Australia Day, & more!

By Amanda Jo Scott,

Sunday proved to be busy times on Twitter. It was quite a mix of wonderful gems. Plenty of celebs were happily celebrating Australia Day. Happy Australia Day!! With this cold air taking over a large portion of the country, there is surely quite a few of us who wouldn’t mind celebrating in Australia’s warm and sunny weather.

Awards season is now in full swing. An absolutely wonderful time of the year. Today it is all about the Grammy Awards. The music you love is getting the praise it deserves. It’s a day of red carpets, fashion, performances, and wonderful music for our listening pleasure. Best wishes to all!

Aside from Australia Day and the Grammy Awards, celebs shared a few other fun tidbits from their day. From Sundance and birthday messages to a little literature timeout and that Bieber debacle, here are a few tweets to sum up the day. Enjoy.

Some of our favorite celebs celebrated Australia Day!

Shatner then asked a very important question. The answer is no. It’s never ever too early for ice cream. Ever.

Onto some grammy related tweets…

Some more Twitter randomness…

Happy Birthday, Ellen!!

David Spade was taught a lesson…

Kristen Bell shared her current literature love.

Who wouldn’t want to start a morning like this? Fun. Adorable.


Joan Rivers chimed in on the Bieber situation.

John Stamos shared this gem. Full House nostalgia time.



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